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New Fitness - At the End of the Day

Whether you've spent your day hunched over a computer, standing at an assembly line, or washing your car - no doubt some "end of the day" stresses have crept in. Often times, the stress of any given day can add up to uncertain emotions and anxiety. Although it is not clear what effect your emotional state has on your health, it is clear that when some people are anxious, angry, or tense they experience physiological effects such as increased blood pressure and heart rate, muscle tension, and intestinal upset.

These physical responses to emotional situations seem to be the result of the "fight or flight" response- your body's reaction to a perceived threat. This response seems to be a holdover from the time when man had to deal with physical threats to his well-being either by staying and fighting or running away. In order to give man the extra energy and alertness needed, the body responded to emergency situations by releasing two hormones - epinephrine (also known as adrenaline) and norepinephrine (also known as noradrenaline) which caused the heart to beat faster, increased respiration rate and blood pressure, and activated blood-clotting mechanisms to prepare for physical injury.

In today's modern world, this response is rarely needed, but is activated frequently by emotional upsets - arguments with friends and family, excessive demands on your time, irritation with traffic, long lines, and rude people. The "Time-Out" section of New-Fitness focuses on defining the various stresses that we encounter and the relaxation process necessary for to regain your life.

Strained Muscles
Muscles and Joints - preventing aches and pains
Nearly everyone has experienced stresses and strains to those parts of the body responsible for movement: the bones and muscles. What works to minimize muscle soreness from unusually hard activity is to...

Being Supportive to Stressed Loved Ones
Support for those around us. It is hard to say which is the more difficult position: to be needing reassurance and support, or to be trying to help a friend or family member and not knowing what to say. Perhaps you grope for the right words and end up saying nothing, or manage to say exactly the wrong thing.

Stress in Everyday Life
The psychological concept of "stress" (as something originating in a person's mind) should be retired. The idea that emotional anguish arises from personality or individual flaws beclouds the fact that many physical and psychological problems come from social conditions not always with an individual's control.

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